Saturday, 6 August 2011

Our Journey with lactose intolerance

Our daughter Ada has been battling with lactose intolerance since she was tiny. It was the main reason why i gave up breastfeeding. When she was a few weeks old we found out she was lactose intolerant and we were told to switch to formula, i did as i was told and she was formula fed, i cannot tell you how much i have regretted this after the TONS of research i have done, i wish i would have cut out the milk and everything out of my diet before resorting to formula. my biggest mistake.

at 14 months old she is still lactose intolerant and because of that it has caused us a lot of problems.

when she was a year old we decided to try and give her cows milk, she took it really bad and was incredbly sick. so we went on the look out for something else.

Soy looked the obvious choice but after research i did not feel it had enough calories in it so we tried rice milk and then almond milk..both didn't work out. so we went back to soy and she seems happy with it, i just make sure she gets the calories she needs :-)...

basically lactose intolerance is our main problem with our daughter and it sucks!

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